The One Degree Factor Group 4: A Tale of Connections
“Detectives usually break mysterious cases when they first see the connections among seemingly unrelated clues. Consider these: Dust clouds are building high over the Atlantic. An entire population of caribou is declining, their numbers dwindling, while in the oceans, other species are being pushed to the limits of their physical survival. A respiratory illness, once uncommon among children in Trinidad, is now widespread. Amazingly, many scientists now believe these disparate phenomena may be linked to global climate change.”
Each group will explain what happened in their section of the video.
· What was the event that was occurring?
· How did it link to global climate change?
· What will be the impact of this?

In this section, a doctor named Michele Monteil, has noticed there was a big boom of asthma in her home land Trinidad. Also another scientist named Ginger Garsion has noticed that there was a lot of reefs have been dying. Two diseases have risen from global warming, asthma, and Airborne disease. Asthma has risen because dust cloulds have traveled from Africa over the Altlantic Ocean to the Carriabean, and kids are picking up this dangerous disease. The reefs are dying from this airborne disease also. As it gets hotter in Africa the lakes start to dry up and produce more dust which gets asborbed into the clouds. The clouds travel to the Trinidad, which is in the Carriabean. Then it also travels to South and Central Africa, then the disease spreads through out these places. Lake Chad dried up in Africa which caused more dust, then it entered the air, and blows it 1000's miles away to different countries. Garrison and her colleagues found out that a toxic fungal pathogen known as Aspergillus sydowii was traveling in the African dust, this is the main thing that is causing the reefs to die. Indian ocean warms and increases in rain falls energy then it reaches the Atlantic Ocean and drives more dust to the Carriabean.Even though Africa is very far it still effects the Carriabean. As you can see small things still add up to make a difference.
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Good Job showing how events that happen in one area can have profound effects in other parts of the globe. We are all interconnected.
75/75 points