hingThe One Degree Factor
Group 3: Temperature Limits and Hurrell and the NAO (North Atlantic Oscillation)
(Temperature Limits occur as 3rd section of video and Hurrell occurs at end of the video)
“Detectives usually break mysterious cases when they first see the connections among seemingly unrelated clues. Consider these: Dust clouds are building high over the Atlantic. An entire population of caribou is declining, their numbers dwindling, while in the oceans, other species are being pushed to the limits of their physical survival. A respiratory illness, once uncommon among children in Trinidad, is now widespread. Amazingly, many scientists now believe these disparate phenomena may be linked to global climate change.”
Each group will explain what happened in their section of the video.
· What was the event that was occurring?
· How did it link to global climate change?
· What will be the impact of this?
Temperature limits Hurrell and the NAO
The body temperatures of animals go up when the temperature of the water goes up. If the temperature goes up by two degrees the crabs will be at there limit, the things that feed on them will be threatened and soon come extinct. If there are no crabs there predators wont have food and then their predators wont have food either, (the food chain) then we wouldn’t have sea food. Something as simple as crabs can effect our life style. As global warming keeps occuring these crabs are going to be over the limit!
As the temperatures continue to rise because of global warming many things are in danger. many plants are unlikely to survive severe climate change. If you rely on forest to make a living, or if you just enjoy the nations forreest for recreation, you should realize that rising temperatures pose a serious threat to trees!
According to many scientist an increase in temperature (global warming) may create an atmospher conductive to forest fires. rising temperatures could dry out our vegetation and stir up winds. This can increase the risk of wildfires.
Climate change, changes the world. We are in danger.
Jim Hurrel
has discovered that the strength of trade winds is to a remarkable feature of the atmosphere that sits over the north Atlantic: two gigantic air masses, one high pressure, the other low-known as the North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO),The two air masses of the NAO cause storms in the northern regions of Europe and Eurasia. This was making dust from Africa over to the Americas. In the late 1900's, these two air systems were locked in an intense positive phase. This continued to happen one winter after the next. This pattern has continued for the last 20-30 years. Global warming is happening and we need to help.

During the video, the scientist did many tests. One of the tests he did was a test on crabs. He wanted to figure out how much warmer the water can get until they will die. To test these he hooked the crabs up to a machine. He slowly made the temperature higher and higher until the crabs were at their limits! He soon figured out that the crabs weren’t able to take much more. If climate change continues the crabs will soon die off. They only can stand being in temperatures two more degrees then they are now. And no crabs can result in other species dying from no food, and after the other species die so will others, its like a big chain.

The North Atlantic Oscillation behaves differently as we increase the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. As Dr. Hurrell models the NAO, he has found that an increase in the Indian Ocean temperature is reinforcing the energy of the North Atlantic Oscillation. A change in one area of the world can have a profound affect on other areas of the world.
The scientist who tested the crabs was Bill Peterson and Group 2 provided some background information on him.
Good Job. 75/75 points