• Invaders
" alien species of plants and animalshave invaded every contient. they have enormous powers; they spread disease; they devour our buildings. some are destroying the very land under our feet. think of them as the first wave of anassult that could drive the greatest mass
extinction since the end of the dinosaurs. What is causing this invasion, and what can we do to stop the rising tide?"
Each group will explain whathappened in their section of the video. explain

  • The "impact" or what was happening in the area.
  • What was the invader and where did it come from?
  • what are they doing to control or fix the situation?
Group 1: Impact Property
Group 2: Impact health
Group 3:impact soil
Group 4: impact biosphere
{ instead of talking about how they are controlling the situation in San Franciso, research and explain impacts of 2 species in pima county.

this should be usefull in finding invasive spiecies,

The Sahara African mustard plant has invaded parts of Avra valley and may eventually invade and kill off other native grasses as it produces many seeds in a short amount of time. This plant could over-grow and take the water previously used by the native weeds and grasses. Many animals eat these grasses and the grasses will die if they have no water. Some animals may not be able to eat this type of grass. Post by Brian. information from the souce above posted.

Another invasive plant in Pima County is Buffle grass. this plant was introduced to Avra Valley In the 1930s to help feed cattle. scince then it has spread rapidly. It gows close together and has a dense root network that may not allow seeds to germinate. These factors alone can kill off other native spiecies of grass. The buffle grass also burns at a very high tempreture, so hot that it can cause the saguaro th catch fire this plant is endangering te enviorment. Another factor is that the grass produces so many seeds that it can spread rapidly. The plant is also hard to remove because it gets everywhere so fast. post by Brian

You eliminated this link from your wikipage which directs you to several links with lots of information: http://delicious.com/ebwilkening/invasive_species
As a result you did not do a very good job talking about what the impact was on the area and what they are doing to control the situation.
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