aInvaders Group 3: Impact Soil
“Alien species of plants and animals have invaded every continent. They have enormous powers; they spread disease; they devour our buildings. Some are destroying the very land under our feet. Think of them as the first wave of an assault that could drive the greatest mass extinction since the end of the dinosaurs. What is causing this invasion, and what can we do to stop the rising tide?”
Each group will explain what happened in their section of the video. Explain
· The “Impact” or what was happening in the area.
· What was the invader and where did it come from?
· What are they doing to control or fix the situation?

In this section in the movie, Invaders, we saw masive lanslides happening. David Duffy was fighting to get miconia out of Hawaii. The invader is miconia, which is a dangerous plant, and it is from South Africa. It has inhabited Hawaii. The impact is landslides which puts Hawaii at great risk. When a landslide happens the ground becomes loose and shifts position and the plants fall to the ground. David Duffy gathers miconia leaves and records the precise longitude, laititude, and alitude using a special device.This is a device that can read signals from global positioning satelites through a thick forest canopy. Miconia is taking over 10,000 acres of the "Big Island." The large leaves act as funnels for heavy rainfall and the leaves are purple. Volunteers and scientists are working extremly hard to get rid of this invader. Miconia is killing the forests of Hawaii and it is deadly to humans. What is ironic is that in South Africa they are fighting plants from Hawaii and in Hawaii they are fighting the Miconia which is from South Africa. Another strange fact about Hawaii is that almost all of the contents are imported from another place, (example pineapples are imported from South America). Miconia makes landslides happen more often. Since miconia is causing landslides more dirt is entering the ocean, causing sediment to rise up.

Miconia is a plant from Mexico, not South Africa. David Duffy is analyzing the land using something called “Remote Sensing.” He is able to find miconia outbreaks before they become severe. He is measuring the light reflected from the forest floor in larger portions of the spectrum that the human eye cannot detect. Remote sensing is teaching us a lot about what is happening on Earth in many areas.
70/75 points.

Miconia Outbreaks shown in red with remote sensing
Image Obtained from:
Strange Days Website


Madison Manzo, Katie Robinson, Collin Murphy, Cole Marmor, and David Miller