Invaders Group 1: Impact Property
“Alien species of plants and animals have invaded every continent. They have enormous powers; they spread disease; they devour our buildings. Some are destroying the very land under our feet. Think of them as the first wave of an assault that could drive the greatest mass extinction since the end of the dinosaurs. What is causing this invasion, and what can we do to stop the rising tide?”
Each group will explain what happened in their section of the video. Explain
· The “Impact” or what was happening in the area.
· What was the invader and where did it come from?
· What are they doing to control or fix the situation?

Once a pretty world, now a dirty disaster

Collapsed house by termites
When this part of this movie begins it shows many houses in New Orleans falling down and being scooped by heavy equipment and being put in the dump. Throughout the movie, researchers and scientists are trying new ways to try and the kill termites. The movie also shows the termites and their clans. It also shows the tunnels that the termites use to eat the the wood and destroy houses.

There are a lot of invasive species in the world. Some of them are termites in New Orleans.
The termites in New Orleans are Subterranean termites. They thrive in New Orleans because a lot of New Orleans is made of wood, termite food. They were stow a ways in cargo ships that came from across the ocean. The termites are eating through the houses in New Orleans. The termite clans are so vicious, that they can destroy houses. They can cause billions of dollars in damage. To stop the termites, researches are setting up feeding stations along known termite tunnels. When the feeding stations are empty, researchers fill the stations with poison oak. the termites then carry the food back to the nest where the termites feed on the poison oak. They die from this " death feast". With a lot of hard work and determination we stop the world wide invasive species problem.
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Subterranean termites in New Orleans

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Good job showing the termite devastation and solutions in New Orleans. After World War II ended, Japan made shipping crates from local wood that arrived on the dock in New Orleans. This wood contained the Formosan Subterranean termite that is causing so much destruction.
75/75 points

By: Cameron, Jack, Lauren, and Kaylee