Dirty Secrets (Pd 7) Group 5: Why Should We Care?
“Something is amiss in our global world water supply: Striped bass are succumbing to flesh-eating bacteria in Chesapeake Bay; seabird chicks are starving in Hawai‘i; coral reefs are weakening under a growing assault of invisible contaminants and an increasing variety of aquatic animals are showing signs of developmental disorders. Experts and citizens are racing to find clues to the causes—and the solutions. Find out how we all can make a difference.”

· Spend some time at the following website. http://www.pbs.org/strangedays/episodes/dirtysecrets/care/index.html
· Report on the four reasons of why we should care.
· Research and explain one of the major groundwater pollution events in Tucson.

One of the many reasons that we should care is because that many parts of the world don't have enough freshwater. Another reason why we should care is because many Americans take water quaility for granited. Many things can cause bad water such as farm runoff, bacterial infections from sewage, and heavy metals such as mercury and lead. The third reason is that recreationaly activities and CO2. We have been pumping large amounts of CO2 into the ocean from different fossil fuels. Since the industrial age, which was 200 years ago, the Ph level has dropped by .1. This can be alot for marine creatures especially thoe that make them selves from calcium carbonate. The last and final reason is that we need to protect our coastlines. An estimate is that nearly 40 percent of the United States lives within 62 miles of a coastline. Coastlines help us directly and inderectly. One way is that coral reefs help the coastlines from erioding, and mangroves act as a nursieries for fish.the Tucson International Airport was dumping their "spent" cleaning solvents into unlined ditches(1951). The solvents contained TCE,trichloroethylene, this chemicals soon caused health problems for the people living near the airport. The resident reported an odd taste and odor in their wa(http://baronandbudd.com/legal_services/water_contamination/tce)

Your wiki would be much easier to read if you had numbered the reasons to care and edited for spelling. You could have given more detail on some of them. The major groundwater pollution event was TCE pollution. The solvent came from Hughes Aircraft (now Raytheon), Tucson International Airport, U.S. Air Force and McDonnell Douglas Corporation. These companies are paying the costs of a clean-up facility. This also caused a cluster of health problems for people who drank from those contaminated wells.
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