Dirty Secrets (Pd 7) Group 4: What Can We Do?
“Something is amiss in our global world water supply: Striped bass are succumbing to flesh-eating bacteria in Chesapeake Bay; seabird chicks are starving in Hawai‘i; coral reefs are weakening under a growing assault of invisible contaminants and an increasing variety of aquatic animals are showing signs of developmental disorders. Experts and citizens are racing to find clues to the causes—and the solutions. Find out how we all can make a difference.”

· Review the following website and report back on the 8 ideas given to affect changes in our own backyard and community.
· http://www.pbs.org/strangedays/episodes/dirtysecrets/do/index.html
· Visit some of the website links given in the ideas.

1. When shopping at the market make choices to help save the environment such as checking where the product was made or grown. Also check the products to see which ones use less energy to produce and make better choices to stay well. These decisions could make a long lasting impact on the environment.
2. Be careful about pouring chemicals down drains and flushing prescription drugs down the drain because we are disposing household products down the drain. If this happens, these chemicals could end up in our drinking water.
3. Buying water bottles cost a lot, and they aren’t biodegradable. They might end up in oceans that can end up killing ocean animals! If you want to carry around water then check out this website. __National Geographic Green Guide__
4. If you save the environment you can also save money, and emit less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Switch your regular light bulbs to fluorescent light bulbs; un plug electronic appliances from outlets, doing this you can save money on your electricity bill. Also carpool and don’t waste gas or emit carbon dioxide.
5. If you are planning a trip then look at this website, __National Geographic Green Guide__ This website shows that there are Earth friendly ways to reduce pollution from getting into our environment.
6. Go green while you shop, bring your own bag so you don’t have to use paper or plastic when you buy groceries.
7. Speak your mind and support the elected officials to help keep our water system in mind, and clean. Go to this website, www.congress.org.
8. You can help are environment by joining local organizations to clean up beaches, restore wetlands, and stencil waters.


Our response for all of this information is that we are trying to help save the environment. These 8 steps talks about ways to make our planet go green. All of these steps are just everyday easy changes to our world. Some examples of helping our planet are: If you buy reusable bags to put groceries in and not use paper or plastic bags, that is one way of using recycling to your advantage. One way of keeping our drinking water healthy and not at risk is by being careful and not pouring chemicals down the drain, dispose of them properly. If you want to save money, why not save the environment too. Buying water bottles is expensive, and they aren’t biodegradable so they might end up in the ocean or other places killing innocent animals! So just buy a reusable water bottle to bring anywhere. Fluorescent light bulbs are another way of saving money/the environment because they use less electricity which emits less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Unplugging your phone charger or anything else that is not in use is a great money saver; also carpool not only to save gas but the environment too. As you can see, there are easy ways to save the environment by doing little things everyday.
Good Ideas. I like the way you put some of your own ideas in there also.
75/75 points